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Want to look great? Need to put your best image forward?

Call Steve, itís what he does and for that matter what heís been doing for over twenty five years.  Whether itís a corporate look, industry image or personal photo that is on your list, Steve delivers.  He also stays on budget and on time. Itís the mark of a professional. 

Youíve probably seen his work but as is the case with pictures you never see the guy behind the camera.  Check out his portfolios below and youíll get a good idea of what you can expect.  Great Photos!

And Steve has been in the business long enough to understand how each client has different requirements, ideas and reasons for having photos created. He can help you with the decisions that have to be made prior to the first click of the shutter, right through to the delivery of the final print or electronic file. 

Steveís reputation is impeccable and upon request heíd be happy to introduce you to some of his clients.


Thompson Martin Photography is based in London, Ontario, Canada, 519-679-5597.
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