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Album styles and prices, scroll down page to view all.


'Storybook' designed flush image page.
Printed and bound like a book. Double page spreads
are 12 high by 18 wide in the full size book.
Thinner page.

Full size with custom cover
12x9 30 pages in 15 full width spreads $750

Smaller black leatherette cover with dust jacket
11x8.5 30 pages in 15 full width spreads $700
11x8.5 20 pages in 10 full width spreads $600

Smaller identical albums 7x5 $240, 5x4 $150

Mount album

Black cover, open print mounted with narrow
black edge, firm page, compact design.
Available in eight sizes.

10 page $90
20 page $140
30 page $190

10 page $135
20 page $225
30 page $315

All album styles and brands are current but the marketplace is dynamic. Companies and specific lines may change. We will continue to offer clients an interesting range of choices in several price ranges.

Additional Loose Prints
All prints are cropped as for best effect, corrected for best density, colour and sharpness. 

4x6 $4      5x7 $8      8x10 $16      11x14 $40

Wallet size $1, wallet and thank you card $2

Larger sizes and custom sizes by quotation.
Second identical complete set of proofs. $200-$300.

DVD productions for tv playback. A series of images set to music $150. Larger more complex shows also available by quotation.

Out of city travel by quotation, please inquire for details.

(Nov 2008-- the Traditional style album on previous lists is unavailable, the manufacturer went into receivership.)

The three Premium album styles share similar covers but have three different types of internal pages. They are matt, montage and flush. The matt is traditional sized print under a matt. The montage page is a designed photograph page with a wide page edge. The flush is a where the photo image goes flush to the edge of the thick board page edge. These differences are best seen in person.

Premium Matt

The matt style has an open face print with black or white matt, black, gold or silver matt trim. Bound spine, numerous cover colour and styles.

10x10 20 page $565
7x7 20 page $450

Premium Montage
Print page with narrower page edge. Bound spine, numerous cover colours and styles.

10x10 20 page $650

Premium Flush album

Designed image page flush to edge
thick page. Bound spine, numerous cover colours and styles. Same album family as the montage above with flush page treatment.

10x10 20 page $950
7x7 20 page $850




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